MoonTentCo offers feminine wisdom teachings to bring more beauty, nature and power into your daily life. Join us for classes, free webinars, a monthly podcast, lunar forecasts, guided meditations, essays and more.

Dorothée Sophie Royal is a writer, artist, media producer and medicine maker. She founded MoonTentCo as a space of self care for women of power and a place to find feminine wisdom online. She hosts the monthly podcast MoonWise that invites listeners to tune into nature's cycles within and without. Born in Germany and raised in the U.S. and abroad, she has a deep love for the natural world and an appreciation for cross-cultural healing. After completing a degree at the University of Chicago, Dorothée found herself longing for a more holistic approach to life and went on to become a student of herbal medicine, nutrition and earth-honoring wisdom traditions. She is wildly grateful to her elders and teachers, her family and the mountains, rivers, trees and flowers that inspire her. Listen to an interview with MoonTentCo founder Dorothée Sophie Royal here


"I believe that in order to help heal and rebalance our world, feminine wisdom must be honored and celebrated. The feminine way is to do it together in collaboration, respecting the voices of everyone in the circle. I value not only the outcomes of this work but the process and the relationships that are built along the way. How are we treating each other? How are we caring for ourselves? After all, we are the environment. Let's take care of ourselves and our communities from this place of wholeness. I'm so glad to be in this circle of life with you." - Dorothée Sophie Royal