Follicular Phase / Waxing Moon

Cycle: Days 7 - 14

Gift: This is a creative phase when your physical energy is high and your brain is optimized for problem-solving. Your brain can form new neuroconnections more easily.*

Focus: It's a great time to embrace new beginnings and direct your energy into stimulating projects at work and at home. Plan brainstorming sessions and mentally challenging assignments. You may feel outgoing, upbeat and social. Plan to attend events and make new friends. Plant seeds and intentions for your life.

Support: Eat veggies, lean proteins, seeds and whole grains. Avocados are especially helpful for preparing your body for the next phase (ovulation). Energetic exercise and challenging workouts are beneficial at this time. Try a new class, do your cardio.* 

Mantra: I create beauty and make connections for thriving new life. 

References: *WomanCode by Alisa Vitti (2013)

With deep gratitude to feminine wisdom keepers Susan LipshutzGrandmother FlordemayoNina Simons and herbalist Kami McBride.