Say Goodbye to Monthly Cramps with Release Tincture

Who says magic doesn't exist? Ladies, this little potion is about to change your life. 

Release Tincture is made especially for cramp relief during that time of the month. Stash a bottle in your purse or medicine cabinet and at the first sign of cramps, irritability or discomfort during your period, add 10-30 drops to water or tea, 1-3 times per day or as needed.

Here's what's inside: 

Cramp Bark // alleviates cramps

Skullcap // calms the nervous system

Ginger // relieves congestion

Cinnamon // stimulates circulation

Star Anise // warms and aids digestion

Release Tincture is a wonderful ally for tuning into your natural rhythm and inner wisdom. It's made with organic herbs in small batches on the new moon and harvested on the full moon to amplify its balancing properties. 

Try putting a few drops in a cup of warm Release Tea for extra relief during days 1-7 of your cycle.