Ovulation / Full Moon

Cycle: Days 15-21

Gift: This is your most fertile phase when you're looking and feeling your best.

Focus:  This is a great time to connect with community and be social. Plan to have important conversations as your communications skills are heightened. This is an ideal time for first dates or for having that meeting to ask for a raise. Share your time and attention with loved ones and be generous with yourself and others. Take a moment each day to notice abundance in your life and be in gratitude for what you're harvesting.

Support: Your body is experiencing a boost in estrogen at this time so it's a good idea to minimize carbohydrates and stick to light grains like corn and quinoa. Be sure to eat lots of veggies and fruit. You will enjoy high impact workouts because your energy level is at its peak. Choose activities like weight lifting, running, spinning and swimming.* 

Mantra: I shine my light and stand in the fullness of who I am. 

References: *WomanCode by Alisa Vitti (2013)

With deep gratitude to feminine wisdom keepers Susan LipshutzGrandmother FlordemayoNina Simons and herbalist Kami McBride.