MoonWise: Guide to Celebrating Your Cycle [Digital Download]

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MOOnWISE (1).png

MoonWise: Guide to Celebrating Your Cycle [Digital Download]


Longing for connection with nature’s cycles? Searching for support with hormone balance and ways to reduce PMS symptoms?

This 28-page printable guide was created to help you celebrate your cycle and tune into your innate sacred feminine wisdom. With tips for honoring the four phases of your monthly cycle, plus affirmations, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations, this guide will help make your daily routine into a self care ritual.


  • Insight into the 4 phases of a woman’s monthly cycle

  • Affirmations

  • Lifestyle tips

  • Nutrition suggestions

  • Intuitive inquiry for each phase

“I was so relieved to learn that my body, mind and spirit move in a cyclical rhythm each month and that I can make simple changes in my daily life to support balance. These are my best tips after years of exploring ways to reduce my PMS, feel more comfortable in my body and access my innate power. I hope you enjoy this guide!” - MoonTent founder Dorothée Sophie Royal

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