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A five-minute guided meditation to take you into the warm glow of the womb space / deep earth. As you feel the gentle pull down into the waters, connect with your energy and meet yourself in a place of healing and creation.

“I was guided to connect more with the womb space but wasn’t sure how to go there. One day, this meditation came to me and has been a doorway into exploring the inner wisdom of our creative center, a place of alchemy and cosmic magic, where the gestation of our dreams occur.” - Dorothée Sophie Royal


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CircLE of Blessing Meditation

For anyone who'd like to feel more connected and protected, here is a six minute "circle of blessing" meditation that you can listen to almost anywhere. Take a few deep breaths and let yourself be guided in a visualization that fills your heart with warmth, creates a circle of protection and helps you share light and gratitude with the life all around you. 

"This sweet and simple meditation came to me one evening when I was in need of support. I had just taken some big steps to overcome fear and was feeling really grateful for the new opportunities coming my way. It's a wonderful meditation for transitions as it encourages me to continue taking risks and lead with my heart." - Dorothée Sophie Royal